Build the nosecone bridge

in which we constrain our sketches

8. Look at the bottom of your extrude

  • Hold the right mouse button to look at the bottom of the rocket
  • Zoom in using the mouse wheel to move the camera close to the bottom face

9. Start a sketch for the string bridge on your tube

  • Select the sketch tool
  • Click the bottom face of your tube to start sketching on that face
    • Right click and select View normal to sketch plane to line up your view

10. Start to draw the string bridge

  • Select the Use (Project/Convert) tool
  • Click on the inner circle
    • That line will bold, as it becomes part of your sketch

11. Draw the bridge

  • Select the Line tool
    • Click on the left side of the inner circle
    • Click on the right side of the inner circle
    • Right click and select escape line
  • Repeat to draw a second line below the first

12. Dimension the bridge

  • Select the dimension tool
  • Click the first line, then the second
  • Set the dimension to 0.1
  • Select the Equal tool
  • Click on each line to make their lengths' equal
  • Did you notice how the lines turned black? »
    • Black lines mean, “fully defined,” which means that you have told Onshape exactly where the line is.
    • If a line is blue, it means that there are still things to be constrained or dimensioned.

13. Finish the sketch

  • Select the "Trim" tool
  • Select the part of the circle outside the lines
    • On the top
    • On the bottom
  • Click the green check to finish the sketch

14. Extrude the bridge

  • Select the extrude tool
  • Click on "Sketch 2"
  • Click on Add to add to your part instead of creating a new part
  • Set the Depth to 0.25 in
  • Click the "Opposite direction" button to make the bridge go inside your tube
  • Click the green check

15. Strengthen the bridge with fillets

  • What is a fillet? »
    • Fillet: “a rounding of an interior or exterior corner of a part design.”
  • Select the "fillet" tool
  • Set the radius to 0.05
  • Click the 4 edges of your bridge
  • Click the green check