Add the lower body connection

in which we use section view to great effect

12. Change view to look at the bottom of the fuselage

  • Hold the right mouse button to look at the bottom of the rocket
  • Zoom in using the mouse wheel to get close to the bottom face

13. Start a sketch on the lower stage connection tube

  • Select the sketch tool
  • Keyboard shortcut »
    • To enter a new sketch, press shift + s.
  • Click the bottom face of your tube to start sketching on that face
    • Right click and select View normal to sketch plane to line up your view
  • Another keyboard shortcut »
    • Pressing n reorients the view to normal
    • You can use this frequently after tilting and panning to reset.
  • Is it upside down? »
    • Click on the word "Bottom" on the rotation cube to turn it right-side-up.

14. Finish the connector tube sketch

  • Select the Use (Project/Convert) tool
  • Can't find it? »
    1. Try the Search tools feature, type "Use" into the box.
    2. You might have exited your sketch. Do you see a box that says "Sketch 2" and has a green check?
      • If not, double click on Sketch 2 to reenter your sketch

  • Keyboard shortcut »
    • Press u for the Use tool (lowercase, no 'shift', since we're back in a sketch).
  • Click on the inner circle
    • That line will bold, as it becomes part of your sketch

15. Finish the connector tube sketch

  • Draw a smaller circle centered at the origin
  • Dimension between the inner circle and the circle from the step above as 0.032

16. Extrude the body connector

So we can make a firm connection to the fins+booster section.
  • Select the extrude tool
  • Verify that "Sketch 2" is selected
  • Click on Add to add to your part instead of creating a new part
  • Set the Depth to 0.5 in
  • Check Second end position
  • Set the second Depth to 0.25 in
  • Click the green check
  • Didn't work? Part ended up different color? »
    • Make sure you have the following set:
      • Solid
      • Add
      • Sketch 2
      • Merge scope: Part 1

17. Turn on section view

  • We want to see inside the tube, so we'll have our view cut away part of the tube. This does not change the part, just how we look at it
  • Select the view menu
  • Select "Section view..."
  • Click on the Right plane
  • Click the green check

18. Fillet the body connector ring

  • What is a fillet? »
    • Fillet: “a rounding of an interior or exterior corner of a part design.”
    • We use fillets to round-out edges, which is especially useful when 3D printing.
  • Select the fillet tool
  • Keyboard shortcut »
  • Since a fillet is a feature, not an element of a sketch, we press 'shift' + 'f'.
  • Click on the outside ring of the ledge
  • Click the green check