Our goal — share our love of engineering

“I thought this is what I'd like to do with my life (CS/EE); this confirmed that.” — Student, Boston electronics workshop

“My primary fear of electronics went away when I participated in the workshop.” — Student, Boston electronics workshop

Our workshops answer questions like,

  • “can I do engineering?”
  • “what do engineers really do?”

by getting students' hands dirty with real circuit-building and professional-grade computer aided design (CAD).

Students walk away with confidence and excitement about STEM, teamwork, and problem solving, especially after talking with our professional engineering instructors about their own career experiences.

Turn-key workshops

We offer complete workshops with instructors, materials, and curriculum all included. Students walk out with newfound confidence, having learned professional-grade tools with our continuously-optimized instructions, methods, and pedagogy.

Leadership team
Andrew Barry
Andrew Barry, MIT Ph.D.
Pete Florence
Pete Florence, MIT Ph.D.
Robbie Kipp
Robbie Kipp, Engineer
Director of Operations

Stage One Instructors

Network of professional engineers & graduate students

Founder: Andrew Barry, Ph.D.

Andy fell in love with autonomous drones by flying them for his Ph.D. at MIT. Andy has brought electronics and software workshops to over 10,000 students from small helicopters to sophisticated quadrupeds.

Co-founder: Pete Florence, Ph.D.

Pete flew drones of all sorts during his Ph.D. work at MIT. His planning and control work in the Robot Locomotion Group pushed the horizons for faster, more agile, and more reliable drones and his award-winning robot manipulation is giving robots new abilities all the time.

Director of Operations: Robbie Kipp

Robbie's engineering designs set the course for the future of dive systems and maritime vessels during his time as an ocean engineer and naval architect for some of the world's biggest ships. Currently at the helm as the Director of Operations at Stage One Education, he is pioneering the way the next generation of engineers are inspired. Robbie is an avid diver, climber, and aviation enthusiast.

Some stats we're proud of

“The instructor was knowledgeable” 9,587 responses
“I had fun in this workshop” 9,639 responses