CAD / Rocket Workshop — CAD & Mechanical Engineering
3-3.5 hours, middle + high school students
  • Explore the world of engineering and discover CAD (computer aided design)
  • Build a three-part (virtual) rocket using a professional CAD platform
  • With our comprehensive online tutorial, master CAD in just a few hours!

I loved it - instructions wre clear and super laid out. I liked the animations along with the instructions for visual learners. Overall, I feel inspired to continue learning CAD and designing new things, I was hesitant on if being an engineer was truly for me, but after this I feel a lot more confident and excited to explore this field more” — Student, Houston 2023

“This workshop was my favorite workshop by far. As I want to be a civil engineer it was very nice to see a potential software I would be using when I do become a civil engineer” — Student, Berkeley 2021

Challenging but well paced at the same time. Piqued my interest in virtual 3D rendering. I now feel like I could work on this on my own and I have the ambition to push my knowledge to its limits.” — Student, Atlanta 2021

88% agree
I learned a significant amount during the Rocket workshop

89% agree
I enjoyed the Rocket workshop

98% agree
The Stage One instructor(s) were knowledgeable
survey size: 3,559 participants

I would recommend that this workshop be taught again next year 3,559 responses


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