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3-3.5 hours, middle + high school students
  • Human Neural Network: A Hands-On Activity
    • Join an interactive game of complex telephone where each participant becomes a node in a neural network.
    • Gain an intuitive grasp of neural networks and their learning processes – all without the math!
  • AI Film Studio: Creative Activity
    • Explore cutting-edge AI tools for text, image, music, and voice generation.
    • Participants will craft all production elements for a unique short film, from scripts to marketing materials.
    • Conclude with a film review session, showcasing AI's creative prowess.
  • AI Ethics: Decision-Making Activity
    • Delve into the pressing ethical questions AI engineers grapple with.
    • Engage in lively dialogues that promote critical thinking about AI's responsible usage.
Student-created AI movie posters

student created movie posters


Understanding of AI neural networks before / after the workshop

I loved the activity with neural networks. that was an engaging and easy-to-understand way of learning that concept.” — Student, Boston 2023

“You guys did well explaining everything and having everyone engage with the lesson, and you helped make it fun to learn.” — Student, Berkeley 2023

“With the development of the times, AI has become inseparable from our lives, but I have not been able to use AI (Chat GPT) well because schools are avoiding the use of AI. However, through this class, I was able to learn how to use and utilize AI through practice, and I think it was a very beneficial and enjoyable time.” — Student, Boston 2023


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