Construct the launch lug

to guide the rocket off the launch platform

16. Create a sketch on the bottom face

  • Now we'll add the launch lug to so we can put the rocket on the pad
  • Select the sketch tool
  • Click on bottom of the cylinder
  • Notice how a new sketch plane is now on the bottom of the rocket
  • Align your view with the sketch by clicking the Bottom of the view cube

17. Draw the launch lug's inner circle

  • Select the circle tool
  • Draw a circle outside the rocket. Be sure to snap the circle's center to the centerline.
  • Select the dimension tool
  • Click the circle and set its diameter to 0.165

18. Dimension the circle's distance

  • Select the dimension tool
  • Click the circle, then click the edge of the rocket
  • Move your mouse so that the dimension is along the vertical
  • Set the dimension to 0.06

19. Draw the outer section of the launch lug

  • Select the circle tool
  • Draw a larger circle centered on the existing circle
  • Use the dimension tool to set its diameter to 0.216

20. Draw the launch lug connectors

  • Select the 3-point arc tool
    • Set the first point on the circle
    • Set the second point on the rocket body
    • Set the third point so that the arc bends inwards.
  • Repeat for the other side

21. Constrain the launch lug connectors

  • Select:
    • Top two points on your arcs
    • The circles' center.
  • Select the "Horizontal" tool
  • You should see all three points line up

22. Add the rocket's side to your sketch

  • Select the Use (Project/Convert) tool
  • Select the arc on the edge of the rocket
  • You should see that arc bold as it becomes part of your sketch
  • Select the "Coincident" tool
  • Select the point on the bottom of one of your arcs and the edge of the arc on the rocket
  • Repeat the coincident step for the second arc

23. Constrain the launch lug sides

  • Select the left arc and the outer circle
  • Select the "Tangent" tool
    • You should see the arc jump to become tangent and turn black as becomes fully constrained
  • Repeat for the right-side arc

24. Finish the launch lug sketch

  • Select the trim tool
  • Trim the bottom of the outer circle

25. Extrude the launch lug

  • Select the extrude tool
    • Your sketch will automatically be selected
  • Click the Add option
  • If needed, click the "Opposite direction" button to make the launch lug extrude along your rocket
  • Set the "Depth" to 1.2
  • Click the green check

26. Fillet the launch lug

  • Select the "Fillet" tool
  • Click the arc on the inside arc of launch lug
  • Set the "Radius" to 0.2
  • Click the green check

27. Fillet the launch lug (2)

  • Select the "Fillet" tool
  • Left and right edges of the launch lug, near the body
  • Set the "Radius" to 0.1
  • Click the green check