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build circuits with our helicopter workshop

Helicopter Workshop

"I thought this is what I'd like to do with my life (CS/EE); this confirmed that."

In 4 hours, our students:

build a circuit

arduino + transistor + motor

use the circuit to control a small helicopter

we never get tired of that "ah-ha" moment when the throttle engages

write software to perform fully autonomous flight

press a button, it flies, in the pattern the students programmed

perfect for your class

we've taught 7,000+ students worldwide

get the materials

handout and code, free for non-commercial use


Andrew Barry, Ph.D.

Andy fell in love with autonomous drones by flying them for his Ph.D. at MIT. Andy has brought electronics and software workshops to over 7,000 students throughout the world.

Pete Florence, Ph.D.

Pete flew drones of all sorts during his Ph.D. work at MIT. His planning and control work in the Robot Locomotion Group pushed the horizons for faster, more agile, and more reliable drones and his award-winning robot manipulation is giving robots new abilities all the time.


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